About us

Professional Floor Plans Inc. was established in 2014 in Mississauga by three passionate engineers. The aim is to provide different services in the fields of planning and design services including architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing and electrical for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. PFP carries out design/engineering services in all parts of Ontario. Since its establishment, PFP managed to expand in size and number of projects becoming one of the competitive design firms in the local market. Moreover, PFP is performing design and consultancy services in other parts of the world.

Furthermore, PFP provides services associated to design including preparation of floor plans and elevations for existing buildings including area calculations. This is done by a specialized software and following the latest BOMA standards. Drawings can be provided to clients in the format suitable for their future needs. 3-D matterport walkthrough service is provided by PFP and it serves both advertisement for completed buildings and existing conditions for buildings. Commercial projects captured by 3-D matterport can be linked to google maps.
PFP management and staff have engineering degrees with a wide range of experience and knowledge in building construction, engineering consultation and real estate business, tailoring the best services for customers demand. Here at PFP Designs, we seek long-term relationship with clients and seek client satisfaction before anything else. We earn trust by providing the best solution to our clients and we will continue serving our clients in the same way that made them choose us over other consultants.

Raed Al-Rawi, P. Eng.
Ph. D., M. Sc., B. Sc. Civil Engineering
General Manager
Cell:(289) 937-6442
Alaa Yousif
B. Sc. Civil Engineering, Real Estate Broker
Cell: (416) 400-9039
Zainab Khudair
M. Sc., B. Sc. Civil Engineering
Technical Manager
Cell:(289) 937-6443



"I asked for a service, but the result exceeded my expectation" Alaa Yousif

"PFP are really professional. From first call to final output, we did not face any issue" Usama Al-Uzbaki

"Finally me doubts are put to rest. Thanks to PFP for letting me know the actual area of my house" Zaid Shakir
"Now I have a reliable partner that can provide me the necessary data to make my cost estimates and quotations. Not only fast but precise" Mark Nasih

"I contacted PFP asking for floor plan preparation and ended up with a complete package of designs and bills of materials. It is always good to have one professional source doing everything for you for a reasonable price" Ahmed Al-Mufty

"Buying furniture never been so easy with floor plans and dimensions in hand" Huda Khalil

"Aside from the professional job I received, now I have a reliable friends that I will continuously refer to" Saad Abdulrahman

"I hardly noticed their presence. They did their job promptly and efficiently and I recommend their service" Walla K. Sabih

- (PFP)